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Career at On Point

Are you a Business Central Consultant or Developer? Do you speak English? Join us!
Do you want to get to know as a little at first? Take a look at our career page. We have skilled experts with more than 20 years of experience in the team, as well as young colleagues who have progressed quickly with the help of our senior coworkers. Although we have 4 branches and customers around the world, our teams are small and corporate processes don’t exist here. We look forward to you bringing new ideas to On Point and will be happy to hear from you!

Look forward to...

• flexible working hours,

• possibility to work from home,

• sick days,

• paid overtime,

• new Brno offices,

• refreshments in the office,

• internal training and support for all forms of education,

• great boss, relaxed team and pleasant atmosphere,

• Regular Friday Meeting of the whole team, where we discuss projects, HR and joint events.

• And outside the coronavirus period, we organize events, breakfasts, regular English lessons and have opportunity to travel.

Ready? Choose your job!


Do you have experience with the development of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV? Do you want to work in a smaller international company? Come work with us at On Point! We are a software company with branches in the Czech Republic, Malta, Nigeria and Ghana, and right now we are looking for a programmer for our Brno office.

Honza-pracovni bar.jpg

What will you do?


You will join our small development team and you will:

• analyze and create applications according to the assignment,

• design data models,

• Create labor estimates, feasibility studies and product documentation.


Is it you?

• You have experience with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV or another ERP system.

• You know the basic business processes of a company.

• You have encountered C #, Pascal, and the .NET platform.

• You have some knowledge of Microsoft SQL and scripting.

• You work well in a team.

• You speak English, Czech language is not required. We are working on a number of international projects you can work on.

We are looking for a consultant for our Brno team! We like to meet juniors with accounting knowledge, even better seniors who already know Business Central and Dynamics NAV by heart. Can you say complicated things simply and with patience as a teacher? Are you attracted to work in a Czech IT company that has branches and customers abroad? Then maybe we're waiting for you.

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We specialize in BC and NAV


Our projects are diverse - Czech and foreign, for small companies and for big names in the market. We create our own modules and applications for Business Central AppSource. We mostly work with the latest version of Business Central.


What does an (experienced) On Point
consultant know?


1. System

An experienced consultant has a deep understanding of the ERP system. He/she knows how it works, how we can customize it, and he/she can determine the fastest and easiest way to customize it for the customer's needs.


2. Customer

The main goal of the consultant is to get to know the client as best as possible. He/she needs to know their motivation, work processes and thinking when working with the system. Only then can the consultant propose new system modifications that will really help, and effectively train and advise the client in his daily work with the ERP system.


3. Developers

The consultant must be able to speak "developer language". How else would he/she be able to assign them a system modification, check its correct execution and flip the test documentation into the client's "language"?

In short, a consultant is something like a translator between developers and a client. Without his/her work, they would not understand and be unable to work with the system.

Don't have such a level of knowledge yet? That is okay.


To begin with, we need you to:


• have experience in accounting and knowledge of business processes,

• ideally have experience with some ERP system,

• manage to quickly orient yourself in new technologies,

• have analytical thinking,

• have mastered the work with MS Office,

• want to learn,

• speak English (Czech is not required),

• be communicative and representative.


We will teach you ...


… everything you might need to know. Our consultants will show you how we solve customer requirements and in what form it is necessary to pass the assignment to our developers. You will see how the testing and documentation is done. And then with their help you start working.

Are you interested? Do you have questions?

Send a message to
You can also add your CV.

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