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Management Skills for Agile Leaders



Course and Certification

Agile leaders many times find themselves coping with interpersonal challenges within their teams, communication & negotiation issues, teams dynamics and coping with many types of resistance. They need to go beyond their Scrum Mastering framework and techniques and gain facilitation skills, understand the area of team development, how to handle conflicts and how to lead a change.

This workshop is tailored especially for these needs and integrate the scrum masters day to day activities and their need for management supporting skills.

The workshop will be followed with simulations, games and hands-on exercises, and will be highly interactive. Participants will be expected to bring in challenges from their day-to-day work and time will be allocated to go over these challenges and provide skills and know-how participants can apply in their workplace immediately.

This course can be offered as personal coaching, in-company training or as a public/private workshop.

Yuval Behar & Limor Halfon
Scrum training Danny Danko

Yuval Behar & Limor Halfon

Yuval Behar, a cognitive behavioral therapist and sport psychologist Limor Halfon, Organizational consultant and Agile coach, with vast experience in the Hi-tech industry.

Yuval Behar & Limor Halfon

Upcoming Dates

Monday, 11 November 2019


2 days






Facilitation Skills:

  • Setting the stage – providing the right boundaries, establishing psychological safety, simulate cases and reactions.

  • Setting the goals and keeping the focus

  • Encouraging an open dialog, coping with resistance, simulate cases and reactions

  • Facilitation tools: parking lots, time boxes, visualizing the flow, powerful questions

Conflict Management Skills:

  • Mediation, moving from the position to the shared needs

  • Reflection, Imago relationship therapy approach to problem solving

  • The cognitive behavioral model (Event, Interpretation, Reaction, Emotion)

Team Development

  • The theory of teams

  • Self-organized, high performance teams

  • Decision Making Processes, the 7 delegation levels

  • Creating versatility, Talent/Skills Matrix

  • Roles in a team

  • Active listening & reflection

  • Motivation

  • Retrospective

  • Thinking and behavior patterns

Leading a change

  • Change & process management

  • Organizational culture

  • Teaming & Resisting, Joining and leading, identifying pains and motivational buttons

  • Organizational/team Assessment

  • Interpersonal skills for one on one conversations


 * This workshop is dynamic. Its content will be pending the choices of the participants with regards to the above modules.




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